Sarah Konner and Austin Selden are Brooklyn-based dance artists interested in bringing dance into non-traditional spaces. They have been creating dance-theater performance together since 2007.

Our personal lives are woven in with our creative process. Our friendship is deeply rooted in our dance-making and the dances we make come from our own stories of family, love life, artistic influences, early memories, nightmares, and body chemistry. We consider the body as a whole, physical, emotional, and social entity, rather than as an isolated abstracted image. We want to treat ourselves, each other, and our collaborators well, in our communication and physicality. We ask questions about what we see happening in the culture around us.

Sarah and Austin’s current and recent works orient around urban tensions, gender, and the ways our culture presents love. In the spring of 2016 they worked in collaboration with the Detroit Institute of Arts to create a site-specific performance inside and in response to Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry murals. Sarah and Austin are currently touring Emi, Amy and Mimi, the Celebrated Love Partners, and their Bicycle, Emi Nomo with Amy Chavasse and are in a research process for their next work to be premiered in 2019.

Sarah and Austin have shown their work at venues including the Detroit Institute of Art, Berskshire Fringe Festival (2011, 2013), Arthur Miller Theater, FLICfest 2013 in the Irondale Center, Judson Church, Dance New Amsterdam, Triskelion Arts, Center for Performance and Research, West End Theater, Danspace Project, First Person Plural, The Dance Complex, AWARD Show! Philadelphia, the Kennedy Center, and through the Field Emerging Artist Residency in 2012. They have been lucky to collaborate with artists including ChavasseDance&Performance, the Median Movement, Anneke Hansen and Megan Kendzior.

Sarah teaches Contact Improvisation and performs improvisation with Shura Baryshnikov, Elise Knudsen, Aaron Brandes and others. She holds a BFA in Dance and a BS in Environmental Science from the University of MI; and is certified Yoga, Pilates, and Body-Mind Centering®.

Austin holds a BFA in Dance from the University of MI, is a Licensed Massage Therapist, is certified in mat Pilates and has training in Body-Mind Centering®.  He worked with Shen Wei Dance Arts from 2011-2017, has worked with Mimi Garrard since 2015, and enjoys collaborating with friends .