Emi, Amy, and Mimi, the Celebrated Love Partners, and their Bicycle Emi Nomo

A trio in collaboration with Michigan-based choreographer/ performer Amy Chavasse. The trio happens in a world and time created by polyrhythms, original songs and words that mean things other than what they are. Emi Nomo was lost, bells are for lovers, and each of the three have their own version of the story. It is a love story left in the sun too long, that builds to ecstatic highs and collisions.

September 9th at 8pm and Sept. 10th at 2pm, 2017 at the Arthur Miller Theater, Ann Arbor, MI.

September 29th-30th at 8pm at the Dance Complex, Boston, MA. 

Detroit Institute of Art, Site-Specific Performance

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rivera Court: a site-specific dance-theater performance with and inside Rivera Court. Drawing inspiration from the murals, we compare the industrial mechanics of machinery to the biomechanics of performing bodies. The stories depicted on the walls are important to the history of Detroit, full of ritual, movements, and ghosts. Sarah and Austin layer their voice into the space and into the ongoing story of the city.